"It is not the function of our government to keep the citizen from falling into error; it is the function of the citizen to keep the government from falling into error"

-- United States Supreme Court decision in American Communications Association v. Douds 

"The duty of a patriot is to protect his country from its government." -- Thomas Paine (1737-1809),


Patriot Connectors

The Patriot Connectors is an informal, unstructured civic group of American Patriots, which meet to inform, discuss and learn about OUR country, OUR constitution and in furthering American ideals.


Lou Jasikoff will be the guest speaker at the Patriot Connectors meeting June 9th and will be held in the Wallenpaupack High Scholl Library. There is be a social hour at 6:30 with the meeting starting at 7 pm. A question and answer discussion goes on in conjunction with the address and a lively open Forum occurs afterwards on local, state and national issues. The meeting is free and open to the public. There are free books, magazines, DVD’s, petitions and other materials available.

Lou currently broadcasts live, three days a week on “Twigs Café Radio”, which runs for three hours each day. Called “Jasikoff and Friends” the program aims to have “Justice Served.” “TwigsCafeRadio.com” dives into the immense thought provoking, hilarious, fascinating world of internet radio.

            Mr. Jasikoff firmly believes, “nothing will change until we have a free and independent press, free and equal elections; while we rearrange the chairs on the Titanic by electing a few new Representatives. The system is broken and that is the root of the problem in America today,” he said.

            Lou is continuing to grow the independent media while looking forward to a run as an Independent, either for Congress or in a local state Representative race where the local incumbent is unopposed. Over fifty percent of the elected statehouse races have no opposition. He says, “Too many of our veterans have died to help other countries have free and open elections.”

            Lou is Publisher of the Independent Gazette, an intellectual journalistic media newspaper designed for multi-county wide markets. The Independent Gazette is published monthly covering local, state, national, and international stories. It has become a platform for transformative ideas, thoughts and narratives through the enduring medium of the printed paper.

            He is also is involved in publishing “Truth Seekers News Magazine” a monthly American periodical featuring personal essays, human interest stories, first person narratives, issue explorations, and intellectual thought pieces. The magazine expands understanding through creative writing on issues directs a message to a focus group right to their doorstep on a permanent basis with minimal effort to the business or organization. Others in the group are involved in publishing “La Voz Latina” (the Latin Voice) a Hispanic newspaper that is that bridge the gap between us and the orderly system of the universe.

Mr. Jasikoff has developed a marketing system that implements a promotional strategy that identifies, selects, develops and distributes an organizational or business message that is called “BULL.” It circulated throughout the Allentown, Bethlehem, Easton, Hazelton, Scranton, Stroudsburg and Wilkes Barre areas. It is the only retail and Spanish newspaper in the major supermarkets in the region.


The Patriot Connectors meeting is free and open to the public as a FORUM for citizens to share their thoughts and contribute to a lively discussion on the civic problems of the day. It strives to help citizens become more informed and pro-active for their country and in upholding the "US Constitution" and the "Bill of Rights."

Americans are richly blessed with a beautiful and bountiful country endowed with natural resources "from the mountains to to the prairies to the oceans fraught with foam."

"America is the home of the brave because of the BRAVE." The very fabric of this land is freedom, liberty and justice for all.



May 14, 1790...Small Pox vaccine developed by Dr. E Jenner

May 17, 1792...New York Stock Exchange established

May 25, 1787 Constitutional Convention began in Philadelphia, PA

May 30, 1783...Philadelphia Evening Post, 1st news paper in Amereica


Second in a series of excerpts from these papers


No. 2 Concerning Dangers From Foreign Force and Influence

by John Jay

When the people of America reflect they are now called upon to decide a question, which in its consequences must prove one of the most important that ever engaged their attention, the propriety of their taking a very comprehensive, as well as a very serious, view of it will be evident.

Nothing is more certain than the indispensable necessity of government; and it is equally undeniable that whenever and however it is instituted, the people must cede to it some of their natural rights, in order to vest it with requisite powers.

It is well worthy of consideration therefore, whether it would conduce more to the interest of the people of America that they should, to all general purposes, be one nation, under one federal government, than that they should divide themselves into separate confederacies and give to the head of each the same kind of powers which they are advised to place in one national government. 

It has often given me pleasure to observe that independent America was not composed of detached and distant territories, but that one connected, fertile, wide-spreading country was the portion of our western sons of liberty. Providence has in particular manner blessed it with a variety of soils and productions and watered it with innumerable streams for the delight and accommodation of its inhabitants. A succession of navigable waters forms a kind of chain round its borders, as if to bind it together: while the most noble rivers in the world running at convenient distances, present them with high ways for the easy communication of friendly aids and the mutual transportation and exchange of their various commodities.

To be continued

Patriot Connectors

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