Patriot Connectors


1-Should the contenders for the 2016 Presidential race name their Vice-Presidential selection now?

2-Should they name some of their intended Cabinet?3-Should they put forth a Specific Platform of their ideas on what their Administration would do to address and try to accomplish their goals?. This would include their treatment of Veterans; size and strength of the military; the scandals of the Obama administration (Fast and Furious, Benghazi, the IRA, the NSA and the corruption within Washington); positions on Foreign Relations throughout the world including the Middle East situation; how to reduce the debt; and an agenda on how to address the Illegal Alien problem, including the number of criminal illegals?

4-Would they support the Keystone Pipe Line and development of making America Energy Independent?

5-Should they state specific plans on how to reduce Federal Spending? Remember the government (National, State and local) run on OUR money.

HOW DO "WE THE PEOPLE FEEL?" Ask your favorite candidate.


1-What is your position on the ACA (Affordable Care Act?

2-How do you stand on Common Core?

3-What is your position on upcoming trade negotiations? The TPA, (Trade Promotion Authority)/Fast Track; and the TTIP, (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership)? 

4-What are your thoughts on the UN (United Nations) "Agenda 21"?)

5-How do you stand on an "Article V Constitutional Convention" or a "Convention of the States?"

"On American Exceptionalism"
by Bruce Perine

            Not too long ago, President Barack Hussein Obama was asked what he thought of the idea of American exceptionalism. His reply revealed a startling lack of knowledge about the origins of the nation he leads. He can perhaps be excused to some extent since he really wasn't raised most of his life here nor did he receive his early education in this country.  He said, in essence, that yes, he thought America was exceptional, just as Greeks thought Greece was exceptional and as the British considered their nation exceptional.  Either he missed the point or he really is ignorant of the uniqueness of our form of government in the history of the world. Their never was anything like it, nor has there been anything close to it since. To be truthful, Obama is not alone, ninety percent of our citizens could not explain what it is about this nation that makes it so unique in history. Let me tell you about it.

            When I tell a story, I like to start at the beginning and our story begins perhaps ten to twelve thousand years ago. The last ice age was coming to an end as the glaciers slowly receded north, out of the Tigris and Euphrates river valleys. The climate was warming and new trees and grasses  began to spring up from the newly revealed soil. The hunting-gathering tribesmen who followed the glaciers found life easier then before. In certain places, wild, edible grasses, fruits, nuts  and berries were more plentiful then others. It was to these spots that the family groups returned year after year and soon began helping nature in its cultivation chores. They protected the crops from wild animal, perhaps pulled a weed or two and maybe  carried water when rain was scarce. They soon learned to save some seeds from season to season for replanting. Semi-permanent camp sites soon became permanent and we had the beginning of settled villages. Each village had a chief-someone needed to keep order- and perhaps a lead warrior.  Two people were  enough to keep the new village peaceful and safe, Oh, for the good old days!

            As time went by, more and more villages formed in the same area, usually by other family groups of  the same tribes. Some were better organized or in a prime location and these thrived and assumed a leading role in the local culture.  Human nature being what it is, one Mr. Big soon arose either by force or by guile to lord it over the surrounding villages. Eureka, civilization is born. The administrative staff  and muscle required to control a dozen satellite villages increased greatly and resulted in the pyramid organization chart. Mr Big, at the top, needed a grander title then he had and settled on king, The strong arm guy guys and administrators  were given some land and titles like baron and earl to  keep them happy. Around this stage of the game religion was added to the mix with the Chief Priest and all his under priests.  Our pyramid now has the two top layers in place.  The king and Chief Priest at the top always working together and sometimes combined in one person known as the God-King.  Next layer down the muscle and administrators, followed by a small but important merchant and craftsmen layer, essential for paying taxes. The last layer was made up of the great unwashed masses, the peasants, serfs , slave or whatever name they went under.  These provide the labor for all the layers above them and had no say whatever about what was going on. This form of organization was so popular (at least by the top two layers) that ten thousand years latter it is still in use in most of the world. The titles may change, but the job descriptions still apply.

            Can you imagine ten thousand years of the same thing?  A small permanent elite at the top, a small middle, and a huge, unrepresented mass at the bottom. Throughout the ages some variations appear and even brief but futile attempts to change the system have taken  place, in some  locations, there were times when men were relatively free, but that freedom was always due to the beneficence of the pyramid's elite. They could grant it or withdraw it at will. All power resided at the top and all rights and privileges originate from that one place. History has seen peasant's revolts and slave uprisings, most of them quickly and violently put down. The rare one or two that have succeeded  simply changed the faces of those at the top. The pyramid endured, nothing changed and time marched on.

            However, a time came when changes did begin to occur, not to the structure of the pyramid but to the way men saw themselves and the nature of their governance. As Wikapedia describes it, “The Age of Enlightenment was a cultural movement of intellectuals beginning in late 17th-century Europe emphasizing reason and individualism rather than tradition.  Its purpose was to reform society using reason, to challenge ideas grounded in tradition and faith, and to advance knowledge through the scientific method. It promoted scientific thought, skepticism, and intellectual interchange.”  The Enlightenment resulted in many schools of thought, most of which suggested ways the pyramid could operate better and more fairly. But in one place, the British colonies in America, a singular, radical concept began to flourish and mature. The colonies were in the right place, at the right time, and populated by the right kind of people for these ideas to grow.
            The Americans were all subjects of the British Crown, products of a culture that, over the centuries, had managed to pry from the King (often by force) certain rights and privileges that they held by right of contract. They were also located far enough away from the source of central power to be relatively free of  constant interference by King and Parliament. They came to the conclusion that they were perfectly capable of governing themselves. And here is the radical concept, the King could not give or take away any of our rights and freedoms, they were not his to give. They were ours according to Natures Laws and Natures God. They were a gift of our Creator bestowed at our birth, with no need of permission from any worldly source.

            This turned the pyramid on its head. We, the people were the real apex of the pyramid.  Our rights were unalienable.  They were not given, nor could we be deprived of them by any human source; not by King or President, Parliament or Congress. It took ten thousand years for this concept to develop and only in this place and at this one time in history.  That is why America is exceptional. Its not our wealth nor our strength that makes us exceptional, it is the idea that “All men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.--That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.”

            Radical? You bet! Safe from interference and subversion? Not on your life. Men, being men, there will always be those who long for the old style pyramid and a place for themselves in it's top levels. Power and control are addictive. Out Founders recognized this fact and went to great lengths  to create a constitution that included checks and balances to prevent any one person, or group of people from acquiring too much power. But men are not only greedy and power hungry, they are also crafty, cunning, pernicious and patient. If there is a way to subvert a noble idea to their own benefit, they will find it. The ink wasn't dry on the US Constitution before the rats began to gnaw at the edges of our freedom and liberty. They were sneaky and perfidious. They would always express their goals in terms that would wring at your heart or get your dander up. Never in words of truth, logic common sense  or reason. Laws that violated the constitution were always touted to be “for the children,s sake” or for your safety and security. Little by little (Progressive means little by little) the virus spreads.  Concepts that took eons to develop and centuries to implement are ever more quickly being eroded by those who would tip the pyramid back. We are told only a vigilant, well-informed citizenry can retain what was given.  We have been put to sleep by our schools that do not teach our children of our glorious heritage, by our material culture that tells us to indulge ourselves, by a media that makes excuses for and defends government corruption and excess, and by a government that tells us it can give us all we desire if only we will let them.
            We had it and we are giving it away. What a tragedy, what a waste. We  were told to keep watch and we went to sleep. Let's hope it not too late to tip the pyramid back.

That Snoops and others may soon be able to hack your Smartphone gyros to record your conversations so "watch what you say".



In a review of the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) more than 238,657 Veterans have died on "Waiting Lists" in OUR VA hospitals .

In April of 2015, 847,822 veterans were waiting enrollment in the VA health-care system. It is taking an average of up to ten months for wounded veterans returning home from overseas to receive their first disability checks. 

One surveys showed that on a winter night in January over 62,500 homeless veterans were counted out on the streets of America.

The government VA admits that more than 22 known veterans commit suicide each day.

Sadly to say, many wounded veterans can't find jobs in this economy and are not receiving their disability pay. They are having great difficulties taking care of themselves and their families posing enormous pressure on our military troops after serving their country.


Mistreating OUR Vets, OUR Seniors, OUR Disadvantaged???

Giving free health care, education, housing, and supplement  income to illegals aliens breaking OUR laws???

Wasting OUR tax dollars on bail-outs of failed companies, failed science, and failed non-merit educational systems???

Destroying OURS and OUR children's futures with overwhelming debt???

Enjoying OUR tax dollars for their bountiful salaries, lavish benefits, and lush retirements incomes???